Et un sourire

La nuit n’est jamais complète 
Il y a toujours, puisque je le dis
Puisque je l’affirme
Au bout du chagrin
Une fenêtre ouverte 
Une fenêtre éclairée 
Il y a toujours un rêve qui veille 
Désir à combler, faim à satisfaire 
Un coeur généreux 
Une main tendue, une main ouverte 
Des yeux attentifs 
Une vie, la vie à se partager.

Paul Eluard (Le Phénix, 1951)

And a smile 

Night is never total
There is always, since I say it
Since I affirm it
At the end of sorrow
An open window
A lit window
There is always a dream that remains
Desire to fulfil, hunger to satisfy
A generous heart
A hand held out, a hand open
Attentive eyes
A life, life to be shared.
(my own translation)

This is my favourite poem. I find it beautiful, filled with hope, love, and compassion. For me, it represents a lot of things that tend to be forgotten in our modern society. People do not seem to take the time to smile anymore, they are so much in a hurry that they do not pay attention to all the little details that could make them smile during their day. Stop for a minute, look around you, and appreciate. There are still so many simple pleasures in this world, but they are missed on. Why make everything so complicated? Take a deep breath and smile!

I tend to make this my philosophy of life, and it is extremely satisfying! I wake up in the morning and look at the green hills at the back of the houses across the street. I go to the shop and exchange a few words with the shopkeeper. On my way back home, I smile to the passer-bys, and sometimes they even smile back or say ‘hello’. At work, I try to care and to connect with people. And finally, at the end of the day, I think about what made me smile, what positive details happened during the day, and I smile!