I was telling you about the ‘earth hour’. Although the project is more about awareness, it might be interesting to see if it has made a difference.

In terms of electricity consumption, the ‘earth hour’ in Ireland can be considered a success since the electricity use dropped by 1.5%, as this RTE article highlights. Some businesses actually got involved in the event and I believe they are the ones who can make a difference. Hopefully next year will be even better. Most importantly though, it should help people realise that day to day savings can also make a difference for the environment. Little things add up…

On another level, I found that the ‘earth hour’ was real quality time. I was a bit extreme and even unplugged the fridge, as a result the place was in total silence. I found that it gave me time to enjoy deep thinking without the distractions of modern life, and it’s something I will now do on a regular basis. I was talking to someone who told me she got to know her children during this hour. She actually got to talk to them and discovered more about them. This says a lot about our modern life. It seems that we have actually lost touch with the important things of life, starting with people around us, because we are too distracted by the modern world. Maybe it’s about time to realise that we should slow down a bit!

Therefore, from personal experience, I think the ‘earth hour’ has been a success. I hope more people will become aware about the impact electricity (since in this case it is limited to that) has, not only on the environment, but on our lives. I’m not talking about regressing, but maybe about learning to reach a better balance.