This year again I will be taking part in the ‘Earth Hour’, which happens this Saturday between 8.30 and 9.30. However, as I will be working, I have decided to get the restaurant where I work involved and I will be turning of the lights in the room for an hour. I’ve put up a poster to explain the reasons why I participate to this global event and I hope it will be welcome by customers.

There is much debate about the benefits of such an event. Of course, it is daily changes that really make a real difference and the ‘Earth Hour’ shouldn’t be seen as a way of clearing up one’s conscience. However, I believe that the ‘Earth Hour’ is a good way to pass on a message and also to become conscious about the fact that we can make a difference.

Last year, I was happy about what it had done for me. Indeed, I used the hour thinking about the changes I could make in my daily life in order to respect the environment a bit more. A year later, I’m glad to say that I have stuck to these little changes and I try to always do a bit more.

Now, if I participate to the event, it is more in a symbolic way, but also in order to convince other people to make these little changes that can make a difference.