I now regret I did not post regularly when I was in Canada, but my internet access was limited and, to be honest, I had better things to do than being in front of a computer screen.  However, I will try to share a bit of my trip and a few thoughts I had at the time.

Flying above Toronto

For me, going to Canada was fantastic.  I had never left Europe and had always dreamt to go to Canada, so when I arrived in Toronto, I was truly amazed.

The first thing that struck me when I arrived was how clean the streets were.  I live in the countryside in a beautiful country and I am often horrified by how littered the streets, but also the countryroads, are.  This is something that bothers me a lot as I mentioned in a previous post

In Toronto and other places I have been to in Canada, the streets are litter-free.  I found that really impressive for such a big city, especially since bins are not everywhere to be seen.  Sometimes, they just tie plastic bags at designated areas; in other places, like around the University of Toronto, there are complex recycling bins.  However, I have often seen people cleaning the streets , so I guess that not only people are more disciplined, but the government is also ready to spend money employing staff to clean the streets of the country.

Garbage holding area in Toronto

Complex recycling bin in Toronto