Despite being really busy studying at the library, I still took the time to wander in the city in the evenings.  It is during one of my explorations (of Bloor Street) that I discovered this path of books:


You can imagine my joy!  I just love the idea!  The bookseller was just standing there reading a book while the stereo played good classics, such as The Beatles, and a few people were looking at the books.  He explained to me that he buys more books than he reads and needed to make space in his flat for future books (some he actually owns a few copies of).  This story is not unknown to me; will I actually end up selling my books on a footpath when my house becomes too cluttered?  I doubt it as I am always reluctant to part with a book, even one I know I’ll probably never read, but who knows?

Despite having already bought a few books at a sale in the university bookshop on that day, I could not resist the impulse to buy another book there.  After browsing all the books, I picked up High Spirits by Robertson Davies, a collection of eighteen ghost stories (Professor Davies took the habit to tell a story each year at the Massey College Christmas party; they form this collection).

More pictures from my walk around Bloor Street: