Today, I read this article written by Hugo Hamilton celebrating books in print.  I don’t own one of those e-book readers.  I am not categorically against them; I actually think they have many advantages, but so far I have done without them. 

Call me materialist, but I actually like books as objects as well.  I like to be surrounded by them, I like to touch them and I also like to know they have lived, a bit like the author of the article who sees books as a medium to transmit memories.  I am not one who likes books to remain pristine clean.  On the contrary, I like to see them get marked by the ages.  I love buying second-hand books on the internet and I do like when things are written in them: names of past owners, comments, stamps from libraries, etc.  I often write in my books, I add my name, where I got the book from, the date and sometimes a few comments on the book or when and where I read it.  They become part of my life.  All book lovers have different habits, what are yours?

As for the bookshelves mentioned in the article, I love mine!  I recycled wine bottle wooden boxes and built my shelves with them.  Easy, cheap and I can expand them if I need!  Do you too have an original bookshelf?