For the past few weeks, the public have been voting on the Canadian novel of the past decade they consider an esential read.  Today, the top 40 books of the decade, as chosen by the public, has been revealed by Canada Reads.  I haven’t read most of them (my interest in Canadian literature is still relatively new), but I’m glad to see that the public consider both Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood by Atwood as essential reads.  There are so many of these novels I want to read, where do I find the time?

Next step is the vote for the top 10.  Anybody can vote for their most essential novel but they have only one vote.  The top 10 will be revealed on the 9th of November and then the five panelists will choose which book they want to defend.  These five books will be announced on the 24th of November.  I look forward to seeing the final list as I intend to read those books so I can follow the debate in March.