A few weeks ago I was telling you about my visit of Bergamo by night.  I actually planned a bit of time before heading to Milan to go visiting a bit more. 

After stopping for a relaxing breakfast in the Citta Bassa, I walked to the funicular, which enabled me to admire the Citta Alta viewed from below and to see some lovely buildings along the main street.

I then took the funicular to go up to the Citta Alta.  I just had to do it, it was fun!  I don’t know why, but I found it really difficult in Bergamo to find my directions and it took me a while coming out of the station to orientate myself.

The Citta Alta is amazing!  I love those narrow streets. 

And you know what? I also realised that I love shutters and terracotta roofs.  I never thought about it, but we don’t really have neither of them in Ireland: we have curtains and slate roofs. 

I took some back streets to arrive to Piazza Vecchia and discovered a lovely piazza before arriving at the back of the Basilica, one of the tourist spots. 

Another thing that amazed me when taking pictures was the perspective.  How to explain it?  The buildings aren’t flat.  There are stairs there and the top of another building raising at the back of the front building, and things like that.  Just look at the pictures, it will make more sense.

I spent a fair bit of time taking pictures around Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the Citta Alta.

I also love looking at the details of all these old buildings, the doors, the street lights, etc.

The shop windows also looked delicious (even the polenta was tempting me and I don’t like it)!

At the end of my visit, I walked up some steps and found myself in a garden with a view.  However, it wasn’t the view that I most enjoyed taking a photo of, but that little guy:

I was really happy that I had decided to stay one night in Bergamo rather than go directly to Milan.  I loved this town.  It is not too big; yet, there is much to see and it is really beatiful.  I found this place relaxing, you could really feel like taking the time.

Here is the sound I heard at noon while I was taking pictures:

Here is a slideshow of the Citta Bassa:

And here, three of the Citta Alta: