If I’m not mistaken, today is Halloween.  We should thus see pumkins and all the paraphernalia associated to this holiday in the shops.  Can someone explain me why the first thing I saw when entering the supermarket on Friday was a Christmas tree?

I know, I know.  We are in a period of recession and supermarkets are trying to boost their sales.  I can understand people starting to do a bit of Christmas shopping in advance in order to spread the spendings, but I cannot accept decorations being put up two months in advance.  Have we not any respect for children anymore?

Where is the magic of Christmas going?  How can we expect the kids to marvel at Christmas and be excited for the length of eight weeks?  Christmas before December just does not make sense.

I used to love Christmas as a kid, my mum was brilliant at making it a magic moment.  I have grown up and I have become more or less indifferent to the whole thing.  However, there are some years when I still wait for Christmas impatiently, particularly if I know that I am going to spend this moment with some loved friends.  I actually told to myself that this year I should make an effort and get into the Christmas spirit (when the time comes), but seeing that Christmas tree in October shattered my resolution.

Is it only an Irish thing or is it happening where you are too?