The top 10 is now out on the Canada Reads blog (image above is from their blog).  This means that I have a lot of reading to do (my poor purse might suffer).  As I said before, I might wait until the five books are selected for the competition before ordering as I am not sure I will have time to read them all before March (what with Kathleen Winter’s Annabel and Emma Donoghue’s Room also being on my TBR?).

I am a bit disappointed not to see Atwood on the list because I think her two novels are essential reads, not only for Canada but at a global level.  Saying that, it will avoid me to reread them now (as I want to reread them when the third book will be out).

There is only one of the ten books I have read before (Unless), so I am quite happy to discover new titles and to be pushed to read books I have wanted to read for a while.  However, I must admit that I am not tempted by some of them, but I’ll play the game and will read the five selected for the competition.

During the whole process of selection, I have also discovered many other books I had never heard of and really want to read now.  Any idea as to how to get more time to read?

What do you think of the list?  Are you planning to read the five contenders and follow the debate?