Last night, when I arrived at work, I was called into the backyard because two kittens were apparently screaming my name.  So young and so cute, but no, I can’t take anymore cats, I already have three!

However, the kittens were in my mind and I was worried even though the mum was around.  I rang a rescue centre and was told not to worry if they weren’t whinging too much and the mum was looking after them; I should just keep an eye on them and make sure they were ok.

First thing I did when I got to work this evening was to check on them.  I then notice that the ginger fellow was much bigger than the tortoise-shell one; not a good sign.  Later on, I saw the ginger one feeding off the mum and even eating solid food while the other was crying.  She cried during the whole evening.  I don’t know if I made the right decision, but it seemed to me that the mum had given up on the weakest (that would be the second or third time she does that), so I took her home.

At this hour of the day (night), it was a bit difficult to find any food.  I was lucky a friend could give me a syringe and I drove into town and bought cat milk (the safest thing I could find at that time).  It took me ages before I managed to get her to swallow a few drops, I’ve warmed her up, I’ve cleaned her and now she is asleep.  I have the feeling the night is going to be long and I am already exhausted.  Let’s just hope she makes it through the night so I can bring her to the vet first thing in the morning.

I have rescued and rehomed a few cats before, but I have never had such a young kitten at home.  It’s a bit of a challenge.  If she survives, I have the feeling it will be hard to part with her and she might become the little one of the family.  But for now, fingers crossed!

The cat situation has become a bit of a problem.  I work in a small fishermen village and there are many wild cats.  Every year I see a few litters and more kittens than I can rehome are born.  It’s not much of a concern for the fishermen; cats are cats and we should let them be.  Each time though, it breaks my heart to see those kittens.  Spaying is expensive and I can’t afford to look after wild cats on top of my own cats.  After tonight though, I think I am going to contact a few friends who are animal lovers and see if we can raise enough funds to sort out the females.

Anyhow, time to get a bit of rest.  Keep your fingers crossed for her please!