I was telling you last week how I rescued that young kitten.  Gypsy has now integrated the family.  She is doing really well.  She did not eat much at first, but I progressively managed to get her to eat full feeds and now she eats away.  I still bottle and syringe feed her but she has started eating from a saucer.  She is getting stronger and now goes walking around.  She also grooms herself, which is great at her young age.  I brought her to the vet today and he said she was in good health so I feel a bit more peaceful.  We are starting to get into a routine but she still takes up a lot of my time.  She needs a lot of comfort so cuddling times occupy an important part of the day.  She is really affectionate and sometimes I have the feeling she is grateful when she looks at me.  She chills out against me and starts purring; this is delightful.

I felt really lonely that night I rescued Gypsy (and wrote the previous post).  She did not look the best and I felt a bit helpless (my three cats were not helping me much!).  I am so glad she has grown stronger and now looks like a perfectly healthy kitten!

Gypsy on the first night drinking a few drops of milk.

280 grams of cuteness!

Bottle-feeding her is not an easy task and can take a lot of time.  At first, she would even fall asleep while eating!

Just asking to be loved…