This year, I have joined the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap and today I received the details of my secret santee.  No, I won’t tell you who it is!  I’ll just tell you that I am really excited about choosing some goodies for this person who has somehow different tastes from mine, yet some concerns similar to mine, as well as other affinities.

It is funny the way it would seem more difficult to make a present for someone you don’t know, yet, because of the medium of the blog, it is actually possible to know the person to a certain extent.  I think it will indeed be easier to find something to please (and share with) this secret santee than it would to some people I meet on a regular basis.

I love finding the right present.  It usually has to be something I want to share but I also want to make sure the person will enjoy the surprise.

Time to have fun!