I gave in!  I have finally opened the mystery package coming from India.  I wanted to wait for Christmas, but I started tearing the corner of the envelope to have a pick inside.  My housemate was as excited as me and torn the envelope a bit more while trying to have a glimpse at the contents as well.  We could see something colourful.  I thought it could be a scarf, but then I touched it and it felt like a purse.  Then, on an impulse, I decided to open it and my housemate didn’t stop me.

Here is what I found inside:

This is what Bedazzled at Bedazzled Eternally sent me:

The bag is so beautiful and has the perfect size to contain book, notebook, camera, purse and cigarettes.  Although I don’t shop much for clothes, I’m a compulsive bag buyer.  I love bags and I had none looking like this one.

Isn’t this book a perfect choice for me?  A collection by the Canadian master of the short story!  With Short Story Day coming up, I can see myself dipping into it pretty soon.

A pretty handcrafted notebook (guess what I will use it for?).  I love notebooks and this one is so pretty, it will have to contain something special, like notes on books maybe?

Aren’t those bookmarks so funky?  With so many books on the go, bookmarks are always useful to me and these are just brilliant!

I am delighted!  I cannot believe how perfect those presents are for me.  It is nice to see the thought people put in the swap in order to please their secret Santee.  Thanks Bedazzled, I love it!

Valentina at Valentina’s room also received the package I sent her.  I was glad to see she liked it, although she had already read one of the books I picked for her (a risk to run with book lovers).  This is what I chose for her:

I picked up three books: Stocker’s Dracula (a classic Valentina had on her TBR list), The Perfume by Suskind (I did not find any of those modern must-read she had on her list in the shop I went to, so I settled for The Perfume because I felt it would fit her list nicely) and, of course, a book by Atwood (I chose The Tent because Valentina mentions her green concerns on her blog and I thought she might like this one).  Valentina is also a music fan, so I sent her a couple of CDs.  The idea was to sent a CD from the three places that represent me: France (where I’m from), Cork (where I live) and Canada (my passion).  Unfortunately, I never managed to record the CD from France.  Finally, I noticed that she liked cooking.  The one thing I missed the most when I came to Ireland was salt; I couldn’t find good proper salt (that actually salts without emptying the whole box)!  Now, I bring some back from France, so I added two samples from Noirmoutier to Valentina’s package.

This was my first Book Bloggers Holiday Swap and I thought it was great fun.  I will certainly join again next year!