You thought it was all over since I have opened my package and my secret Santee has also opened hers?  So did I!  Yet, the following day, I received another package.  I first thought it was something from my family in France, but when I went to pick it up at the post office, I found a prettily wrapped package coming from the States.  I could not figure out who could have sent it to me and as it seemed to contain a book, I just thought there had been a mistake and I had been attributed two secret Santas.  I contacted Amy, one of the organisers, and there hasn’t been a mistake, well, not the kind I thought of.  There was a little hitch while sending out the emails and as they were worried I would not get anything, Amy (@ My Friend’s Amy) sent me a package herself.  Now, if she is not a dedicated organiser, I don’t know who is!

I feel really spoiled, but I am over the moon!  Christmas this year is not looking the brightest, but this whole Holiday Swap has really cheered me up.  I absolutely LOVED Bedazzled’s pressies and now I even get a second surprise (and I am definitely waiting until Christmas to open it!).  I was so happy that I actually put up a few decorations in the house!  And, as if the sky also heard me, it snowed last night.

A huge thanks to Bedazzled and the Holiday Swap organisers, Amy in particular, for making my Christmas!  It means a lot to me…