Here we are, it is Christmas eve! 

In France, Christmas eve is as important as Christmas day.  You would start the celebration then and have a huge dinner, probably lasting until midnight, at which time Santa comes and you might be allowed to open your presents.  This is not a generality, but that’s what would happen some years in my family.  We would then stay up until all hours, opening and showing our presents and have a good lie-in the following day.  Here, in Ireland, it is all about Christmas day and Christmas eve is just a day to prepare and maybe go out for a pint in the evening to chill out.  In some towns, the pubs close at 6pm, so you might go back to some friend’s house afterwards to drink mulled wine. 

When I lived in Waterford, I used to do my last bits of Christmas shopping and get to the pub around 4pm where all my friends would meet up for a drink.  I used to love it!  Now that I live in the countryside, it’s a bit more difficult as I need to drive to go to my favourite pub.  This year, I decided to give it a miss and went to visit friends yesterday instead.  I just wanted a relaxing day today, and so it was!

I am not ashamed to say that I stayed in bed pretty late, only to get up and st in front of the fire with a book.  Plans for the evening?  Here they are:

logs for the fire, a glass of bubbly, cuddles from the cats (it’s Gypsy on the pic, but the three big cats are around too),  finish a Christmas Carol, watch Le Père Noël est une ordure (a French classic and hilarious Christmas film) and, maybe, open a present or two at midnight (eh! that’s the French tradition, I’m allowed to!).

I’m going to leave you with a Christmas song: “Mon Légionnaire” by Serge Gainsbourg.  This is not what you would think of as a traditional Christmas song, but it reminds me of one Christmas.  We were having our Christmas eve dinner and were waiting for midnight to open our presents and Serge Gainsbourg’s live CD was playing on a loop.  My mum then figured out that when we would hear “Mon Légionnaire” for the x time, it would be time to open the presents, so we spent the rest of the dinner counting!


Happy Christmas to you all!  I hope you’re having a wonderful time!