Since last Thursday I have been reading posts prompted by the Literary Blog Hop about how people found their way to literary fiction.  You can read my own answer here.  All those posts have a lot to do with memories from when we were kids.  Each new post I read brings back some more memories. 

One of these memories is about the time I wrote a story with my dad.  As I have said in a comment, my dad would not read books to me before going to bed, but would invent a story for me.  It could go on for many days.  My favourite one was the one with Tintin (I was a big fan at the time), who would confront a villain called Zedoboy.  This was the English version of my dad’s associate, Le Double – The Double, rendered with my dad’s wonderful (not!) English accent.

One day, we decided to write a story together.  I still have it and will share it with you, but you have to promise not to laugh!  As you will see, I was a wonderful artist; one would wonder why I did not choose this as a career!  There is no date on the story, but the mention of “Les Seychelles” would make me think that it must have been after my dad and stepmum went there on holidays, so I must have been seven at the time.

Now, story time!

A Journey by Washing Machine

The washing machine was making “boom boom” noises on the tiles.

Seating problems on the tile.

Not very serious and promptly repaired.

New cycle on the program n° 10.  We went for a stroll to the market, but when we came back, what a surprise!

Water was running down the stairs.

When we walked into the kitchen, our surprise was no lesser.  There was one and a half metre of water on the floor, but what was most astonishing was that the washing machine had a chimney.

The drum had transformed into a propeller and the lid into a sail.

The occasion was too good not to try this boat of a revolutionary type.

Emilie and Béatrice went on board and set the program on 11.


In a cloud of smoke, the washing machine went out through the window et flew over the little building of Renardieres Street.

Heading South.  Fortunately Béatrice hadn’t forgotten her Nautamine [medicine for seasickness] because north of Sicily, the crew ran into a fresh gale.

Once the good weather came back, the washing machine was able to settle on the Red Sea and to continue by using the sail.

Off Djibouti, the first spin enabled to avoid the mines set by terrorists.

Finally, the first turtles appeared.

Like dolphins, they showed, by playing around the machine, the way to follow.

Manifestly, the direction indicated was south-east.

Out of fuel and in the absence of wind, the improvised boat was pulled by two turtles.

Offshore, our sailors finally saw some land appearing, in the form of magnificent islands scattered on a smooth and clear sea.

The sun being out, Béatrice was able to hang out her washing in the Seychelles.

La fin.