You might remember my post saying that I applied to be a giver for World Book Night?  We were supposed to be notified by the 28th of January.  However, on that day we all received a message to tell us that we would have to wait a bit longer as there were so many applications to go through.  We would therefore receive the notification on Monday.  Monday, I was all excited about getting the answer, but they had some technical problems and only started to send the emails late that night.  I stayed up late, but at some stage I had to give up and get some sleep.  I think that the first thing I did when I got up on Tuesday was to check my emails.  Nothing…  I then heard than they were still in the process of sending emails and that the title I had chosen would not come until later that day.  No panic then!  I don’t know how many times I checked my emails yesterday.  I was growing a bit impatient and my housemate was laughing at me thinking I was worse than a kid on Christmas eve.  Finally, at 10pm the email came in….

We are delighted to inform you that your application to be one of the 20,000 givers on the first World Book Night has been successful.”

I am so delighted!  On the 5th of March I will be roaming the streets, sharing my passion for Margaret Atwood by giving 48 copies of The Blind Assassin, published by Virago.

For those of you who have not heard of World Book Night, it is an event that will take place on the 5th of March in UK and Ireland.  It is organised for the first time with the support of some publishers and patrons at the occasion of World Book Day.  The concept is to share your passion for books and reading by giving one million of books.  People were asked to choose among 25 titles and explain why they would like to give this particular book and to whom.  Each book giver will then receive 48 copies of that title and go to distribute them on the 5th of March.  Et voila!  Isn’t it a great idea?

At the moment, I am still unsure where my books will go.  There does not seem to be any event organised in my area for the occasion, although that might change.  I know I want to give some to the local bookclub and release some in the wild with bookcrossing.  I also want to give a few to some of my friends who have not read anything by Atwood yet.  There are also my students, if they care enough to meet me on that day.  Then, I would also like to give some to strangers.  Whatever I do, be assured that I’ll report on it!