Just back home and I’m catching up on today’s debate.  So, Jeff Lemire’s Essex County is out?  I know someone who must be quite disappointed (sorry John, I feel for you!)… 

I thought Sara Quinn’s presentation of Essex County was very good.  Debbie Travis’s presentation of The Birth House was also excellent; I was impressed and I thought she was the one who best defined her book as an essential read (I was wrong, they kept the “essential” criteria).

The defenders had to debate the question “which book is the most widely accessible to people” and to discuss which main character from the other books they preferred.

I wasn’t really convinced by George Laraque’s defense of The Bone Cage, but Sara fought well and made some really good points.  I was also disappointed by Lorne Cardinal’s defense of Unless.  I think that they had decided to vote Essex County out in spite of the debates and Sara had a tought job defending her graphic novel even though everybody said they liked it.  

From what I have seen today, I believe The Best Laid Plans and The Birth House will be the last in competition.  Debbie Travis makes a strong point of The Birth House; I find her the most convincing.  however, I think Ali Velshi could very well bring The Best Laid Plans to victory as it is a popular read.  Let’s see!

The trailers?  Cheesy!  but it’s all a bit of fun, eh?