This is my 4th year taking part in the Earth Hour, a global event aimed at raising awareness about sustainability issues.  This year, I have decided to write a daily post during the month leading to the event in order to share some thoughts about the environment and give tips the little changes we can make in our daily lives.  There will also be some guest posts by fellow bloggers who will share their own views on a topic related to the environment.  You can read my introductory post here and access the Earth Hour website here.

I encourage you to comment and share your own tips, ideas and experience.  In the last couple of days before the event I will do a few posts about what readers had to say.  I believe we can learn a lot by sharing!

We have all heard it: do not leave your television, stereo or other appliances on standby!  Yes, this little red light uses electricity.  So, rather than using the remote control, switch the power off.

What about our beloved computers?  How many of us leave them on the screen saver when not in use?  Believe me, I know how painful it is to start a computer, mine being extremely slow.  However, it is worth it.  Turn it off when you go on your lunch break or at the end of your working day.

You know what else consumes electricity even when turned off?  Any electrical device, particularly the ones with a transformer such as phone chargers.  Anything plugged in, even if it is not in use consumes electricity.  I’m afraid the only way to save here is to unplug the item.  In Ireland, they have made things a little easier by adding a switch to the plug.  Maybe it is something that should become standard for every country?  It took me a while to get used to switch off every appliance, as with turning the lights off.  It is a question of habit and you eventually do it without even thinking about it.

This year, I have a mission.  My father owns a small hotel and leaves all the television sets on standby.  According to him, it is easier for customers to switch the television on when it is left on standby…  Really?  There are about a dozen of televisions in the hotel, so imagine the savings it would make.  I will be visiting in April and I hope to change my father’s mind; easier said than done!