Although it has officially been spring for a whole month here, in Ireland, it does not look like much has changed on my little stretch of road.  The light is pretty bad on this picture I must admit.  The days are getting longer though and plants are starting to blossom.  We have had some beautiful days, but it is still a bit chilly, about 5°C (ahah! I’m thinking of you Canadian readers!).  February went by so fast I did not even get a chance to plant any seeds.  I’d better get that done fairly quickly if I want some veg in the summer.

As my landmark picture does not really reflect the season, I have also taken some photos of the daffodils that are growing next to my house.  I love daffodils, they always make me so happy, probably because they signify the beginning of the spring.

March is bound to be another busy month for me.  What with World Book Night, the Earth Hour, Saint Patrick’s day, my trip to Madrid and all the papers I have to write for conferences?  It should be an entertaining and exciting month to say the least!

I leave you with this video.  I was trying to find a quotation or poem I know that would illustrate spring and the only thing that came to my mind is a song by Charles Trenet, ” Boum”.  I have never been a fan, but I remember when my Dad used to play his tape in the car. 

And this is the same song, but live.  He certainly seemed to be a character!

Happy month of March to all of you!