What a busy busy busy (and exciting) day!  I shouldn’t even be here writing a post, but I want to share the adventures of the day, or of the week I should say.  Much of my time this week was spent finding more information about World Book Night (see my post and the website).

There started to be a lot of effusion on the web: people started getting their books while other didn’t.  As I hadn’t received any email to confirm that my books had been dispatched, I rang the bookshop on Tuesday.  Although the owner was aware of the event, he hadn’t been informed that he would be receiving books for World Book Night givers.  I contacted World Book Night to check if it was normal procedure and they answered me the following day to reassure me that the books had been sent to the correct address. 

I stayed in touch with the bookshop and I must say that he did a lot to figure out where the books could be.  Today, he suggested that I might try to ring the convenience store (which also sells books and stationary) located in the main street as they have similar addresses: Midleton Books (owner R. MacCarthy) -103 Main Street and McCarthy’s News – 43 Main Street.  Sure enough, my books had been delivered there (Don’t delivery guys check street numbers?).  The owner was very apologetic: not knowing what this was about, he had opened the boxes and given a few books to his kids to give to their teachers for World Book Day.  I was too happy to have found my books to even care.

Midleton Books owned by R. MacCarthy


McCarthy News, a few buildings away

I thus went to collect my books, full of joy and excitement, and the owner was still a bit embarrassed and offered me a few of the World Book Day books for kids.  I’m glad as I will be able to make a few kids happy as well.

World Book Day books for kids

I then called in to the “real” bookshop to tell my story and inform them that other boxes were waiting in the other shop.  The owner wasn’t there but I had a pleasant chat with the girl working there and explained her everything about World Book Night.  I might see her in the streets on Saturday hunting for books!

As I had planned, I also bought another book from the bookshop in order to also participate to the alternative World Book Night, which is an event that is growing as a way to support independent bookstores.  Although I do not believe the main event will negatively affect bookshops, I found the idea so nice that I could not resist.  I thus bought The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and will be giving it along with the other books.

The Bell Jar for the alternative World Book Night

 Not long after I got back home, I received the identity numbers for the books.  I had already registered with Bookcrossing (you can find me at em_eire), but had never used it, so I am still familiarising myself with their terminology.  Since then, I have been trying to number books and record them on Bookcrossing.  Although, I took a break to follow the live bookclub on Twitter about The Blind Assassin to which Margaret Atwood participated.  It was fun, but quite tiring.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to tweeting!

44 shiny books

Just a little reminder, you can win a copy of this special World Book Night edition of The Blind Assassin by participating to the giveaway on this blog.

Have fun and make this World Book Night a special day by sharing your books in the streets, whether you are a giver or not!