The prospect of spending eight hours in Gatwick airport while waiting for my connection to Madrid was not too tempting, so I decided to catch a train and go to Brighton. 

I had never been in Brighton and enjoyed my walk on what seemed to be the main street and on the seafront.  Brighton’s seafront is very similar to seaside resorts in the North of France, such as Deauville (from what I have seen in films anyway).  It looks like a place that must have seen better days and that must have been trendy a few decades ago.

Seafood joints on the seafront

I found the architecture in Brighton quite interesting.  The buildings’ facades are varied and often have a certain grandiosity.

Buildings on the seafront

The weather was mild and it was pleasant to chill out in a town I did not know for a few hours.

A walk by the sea

After eating a plate of fried seafood, I still could not resist going in this cute French patisserie where I enjoyed a coffee éclair while reading a book.

Too cute and appeatising to resist

A book, a coffee, an éclair

But the clock was ticking and I had to get back to the airport to catch my plane to the next destination.

Brighton train station

Here is the whole set of photos: