This is my 4th year taking part in the Earth Hour, a global event aimed at raising awareness about sustainability issues.  This year, I have decided to write a daily post during the month leading to the event in order to share some thoughts about the environment and give tips the little changes we can make in our daily lives.  There will also be some guest posts by fellow bloggers who will share their own views on a topic related to the environment.  You can read my introductory post here and access the Earth Hour website here.

I encourage you to comment and share your own tips, ideas and experience.  In the last couple of days before the event I will do a few posts about what readers had to say.  I believe we can learn a lot by sharing!

I don’t know where you live, but around here the sight in the above picture is quite common (and this is not too bad on this picture): country roads or other being littered.  This really annoys me, why can’t people keep their rubbish in their car rather than throwing them on the road?  It’s not that difficult to have a little bag in your car where you keep all your rubbish, is it?

The same can be said in town centres, hold on to your rubbish until you find a bin!  My mum is quite cheeky and told me that if she sees someone throwing rubbish on the ground, she picks it up and calls the person back to tell them they have lost something!  I am not sure I would be able to do that, although I once gave out to a builder for throwing a bag of rubbish that he had kept in his car on the building site (you can see the post here).

Unfortunately, I do not think we will ever manage to correct everybody.  I admire people who go out for afternoon to pick up rubbish on the beach or elsewhere.  I don’t.  However, what I do is that each time I walk to the shop to avoid taking my car (see my post from yesterday), I arm myself with a bag and pick up what I can on my way, which usually results in me coming back with a bag full of empty bottles!  I hope people see it and just stop throwing their rubbish or that it will make children more aware.

I was a bit amazed when I was in Toronto to see how clean the city was, especially since it was not always easy to find a bin as most places where the garbage bag was supposed to be where empty (as in the photo below).  However, they have little vehicles going out every morning to hoover the city.

I’m a smoker (I know, it’s bad for me!) and I also avoid throwing cigarette butts on the ground, whether in town or in the countryside.  It is easy to find a bin or ashtray in town, but less in the countryside, so I got this little pocket ashtray, which has come very handy a few times.  I do the same in my car and anybody who wants a lift with me had better used the ashtray if they do not want to walk the rest of the journey.  The state of my car is actually desperate, but, at least, it’s in the car and not on the road.

I also recently read a blog post at University Diary about the cost of cleaning chewing-gum on the streets.  This is something I had never thought about (well, I don’t eat chewing-gum).  Imagine what could be done with that money?  Improving public transportation, for instance!

Again, these are little things that cost nothing but can make a huge difference!  What are your littering pet peeves?  What else do you think we could do to prevent littering?