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This is what I feel like doing: take a coffee break with an eclair and a book…

Literary Blog Hop 

The Literary Blog Hop is a fortnightly event held at The Blue Bookcase prompting book bloggers to answer a question.

What one literary work must you read before you die?

Are you asking me the ONE book I must read before I die?  You obviously know that it is impossible to answer such a question, don’t you?

There are so many books I must read before I die; the list is endless.  I am not even thinking of the books I don’t even know I must read before I die.

Moreover, if I were to decide on just one book, this book would probably change every week.  Every week I discover new books and I am not the same person today as I was yesterday, so chances are that the book in question will change depending on how I feel.  Some books will be downgraded while others will be upgraded.

I feel that the book I must read before I die is the book that is next on my to-be-read list and it is likely to change by the time I finish the book(s) I am currently reading.

Today, the book  must read before I die is Italo Calvino’s Numbers in the Dark.  It was given to me last weekend by a friend.  When I saw the book I exclaimed “I need to read it!”, so my friend ask me why.  I explained how much I love If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller and that I have wanted to read Calvino’s short stories for a while.  My friend handed me the book and told me to keep it.  It is a pretty special present and I must read it before I die!