This is my 4th year taking part in the Earth Hour, a global event aimed at raising awareness about sustainability issues.  This year, I have decided to write a daily post during the month leading to the event in order to share some thoughts about the environment and give tips the little changes we can make in our daily lives.  There will also be some guest posts by fellow bloggers who will share their own views on a topic related to the environment.  You can read my introductory post here and access the Earth Hour website here.

I encourage you to comment and share your own tips, ideas and experience.  In the last couple of days before the event I will do a few posts about what readers had to say.  I believe we can learn a lot by sharing!

In the posts of these past few weeks, I have often mentioned ways to be more eco-friendly in the kitchen: recycle organic matter, use cooking water to kill weeds in your garden, don’t leave appliances plugged, leave your oven door open after baking to heat up the house, make sure you buy food in recyclable packaging, reuse food containers, use vinegar as a cleaning product, etc. 

How much we waste and our way of consuming strike me as real ills of our society.  We live in a fast paced society and everything seems to have become convenient.  As a result, people have taken bad eating habits, especially if they eat alone.  They tend to eat microwavable meals that are individually packaged.  If you have read my previous posts, you might guess what I think about them.  First of all, such meals, more often than not, contain GM ingredients and knowing about their provenance is near to impossible.  Furthermore, individual packaging, which are not always recyclable, create a uncessary amount of waste. 

I live alone; however, this does not prevent me to eat “proper” food.  Buying in bulk is often cheaper and involves less packaging waste.  It is easy then to portion the food yourself (by using those plastic food containers you have preciously kept) and freeze it.  Make your own meals and then portion them yourself.  It is a much healthier habit and so much friendlier for the environment.  Use the local veg you’ve bought at the market and make a big stir-fry, for instance; it will usually keep for a few days in your fridge and will only take a couple of minutes to heat up.  Rather than buying individual chocolate bars, bake a cake and eat it through the week.  Convenient food has in fact become inconvenient by the impact it has on the planet.

We also throw so much food away.  Fruits and veg can be a problem if you don’t eat them fast enough.  However, they are ways to use them up even if they are a bit soft: make a soup or a compote and freeze them in individual portions.  It is easy and becomes your own convenient food with products you have chosen.