“En Avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil.”

This is a French saying meaning that in April one should remain wrapped up.  By the look of my monthly pic, which looks very wintery, it seems true.  The sunshine is there, but evenings are still chilly and I still have to turn on the heating at times.

I can’t believe that the month of March has already come and gone.  The beginning of the month was really busy, with World Book Night and then my trip to Spain, and I haven’t yet managed to catch up on… on everything.  I haven’t even finished writing one of my papers for the next two conferences and I’m going away on Sunday.

Yes, April should be another busy month, but I think I will be able to slow down a little towards the second half of the month.  I must say that life has been quite exciting, so I am not complaining! 

Have a wonderful month!