My second Ontario story is actually not set in Ontario, but in Nova Scotia where Janice Kulyk Keefer, who was born in 1953 and raised in Toronto, resided for a while.

“Transfigurations” takes us on a journey to a hair salon where Angèle works as Régine’s assistant.  On her way to work, Angèle is usually bipped by truck drivers, which draws our attention to the status of women as commodities.  In the hair salon, Angèle is confronted to the same politics: women come there to retain a youthful appearance and become metamorphosed into those models that make the cover of glossy magazines, without much success.  For Angèle, these women are all the same and she knows that they will eventually grow old and meet their death, without recovering their youthful looks.

“Watching the rows of hopelessly hoping faces, Angèle knows in every pliant bone, in every glinting hair of her sweet-skinned, seventeen-year-old body that she will never, ever look like these old women under the dryers – never let herself tell or be told such a story.”

Although the theme of the story interests me, I must admit that the story did not do much for me.  It did not stay with me and I did not feel like I wanted to read it again.  I might not have read it at the right time in the right place…

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