Thanks to those who participated to the recent giveaway I organised to celebrate the 10000 mark on this blog.

France (the country where I was born): In a couple of posts, I mention things I miss from France; can you name one of them (no, it’s not wine!)?  The answer is the Lily of the Valley!  I would also have accepted “salt”, which I mentioned briefly in a post.  The good news is that I do not miss these two things anymore as I now bring back salt each time I go to France and I got some Lily of the Valley offsprings from my grandfather’s garden and they are now thriving in my own garden.

Ireland (the country where I live): In one of my posts, I pay a tribute to something that always amazes me in Ireland; what is it?  I just love “The big Irish sky” (see my header picture as well).

Canada (a passion): What big event brought me to Canada last year?  The 11th International Conference for the Short Story in English was the reason why I went to Toronto last June.

And the winners are….

Mel U at The Reading Life wins The Little Prince by Antoine St Exupéry.

The Little Prince by St Exupery (edition may vary)


Barbara at Words, Words, Words wins That They May Face the Rising Sun by John McGahern.

That They May Face the Rising Sun by John McGahern

Dragonflyy419 at Dragonflyy419 Attempts to Combat Boredom wins Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood.

Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood (edition may vary)

Congratulations and happy reading!