“En Mai fait ce qu’il te plait!”

This is another French idiom, which means that in May one should do whatever one likes!  I might not be able to take this idiom too literally as I must get back to my thesis after a month spent travelling, going to conferences, catching up with family and friends and doing some work in the garden.

As you can see, my stretch of road is becoming quite green.  The weather has been lovely here and the flowers are blossoming.  The air offers so many fresh smells of flowers; it’s delightful.

The clematis in my garden

As today is the 1st of May, I offer you all a stem of Lily of the Valley from my garden, a traditional lucky charm given in France on this date.  I brought back the offsprings from my grandfather’s garden two years ago and this year I am glad to have got three stems.

Enjoy the sunny days of May!