Do you know that May is the month to celebrate the short story? 

This might not necessarily have an impact on the amount of short stories I will read this month as I already have a few books lined up, including Italo Calvino’s short story collection Numbers in the Dark, but I know it will increase my to-be-read list.  Indeed, I expect a few bloggers will be celebrating by actively posting about short stories, which will surely tempt me… 

For the occasion, the Fiction Writers Review is organising a community giveaway, The Collection Giveaway Project, asking bloggers to recommend a recently published collection they like and offer it as a giveaway.  The idea is to share our interest in this too often disliked genre.

Presently, I tend to read stories randomly, rather than whole collections.  The reason is simple: I am relatively new to the short story and I try to taste a bit of everything before immersing myself again into whole collections.  This can have its drawbacks as reading entire collections can enhance the experience of reading as they might have been carefully arranged, thus offering additional levels of meaning. 

Consequently, I am a bit stuck with this giveaway as I have not necessarily read many entire collections (except those by Margaret Atwood and a few others).  However, I think I might have an idea and I will post about this again soon…

Meanwhile, you can visit the blogs of Short Story Slore (avid short story reader) and Charles E. May (short story theorist), who are both taking part in this giveaway.

This month, two collections of short stories are being published by Virago: Perfect Lives by Polly Samson and The Doll by Daphne du Maurier.  To celebrate, members of their team have been posting about why they love short stories.  They are also offering a discount to their readers.  You can find all the links here

April also saw the publication of an anthology I have been looking forward to: The Best British Short Stories 2011, edited by Nicholas Royle and published by Salt.  The good news is that it is a very affordable collection and Salt is offering a 30% discount to their fans on facebook until the 22nd of May.

I also lately discovered at Bella’s Bookshelves that 2011 is the year of the short story!  So, what are you waiting for?  Give it a try!