On my way from Birmingham to Paris, I went to passed through London where I took the Eurostar (very comfy!).  I had been to London before, kind of…  More exactly, I had been to Stansted and Gatwick airports before, and once, on my way from one airport to the other, I got to smoke a cigarette outside Victoria station!  This time, however, I walked from Euston to King’s Cross and had the opportunity to snap a few shots.

I will be back to London in September and will stay there for three days, so I should have more time to explore this busy city.

St Pancras Parish Church, near Euston station

A detail of St Pancras Parish Church

Hotel St Pancras, between the British Library and King’s Cross

Still the same building, I’m not sure if it’s still the hotel though

A detail of St Pancras building

The clock tower of St Pancras building