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Liverpool cathedral

Last saturday, I was in Liverpool to give a paper on Margaret Atwood at a conference on the urban gothic. It was the first ‘real’ conference I was going to and I really enjoyed it. It was a great day with very friendly people. I heard great papers and I also discovered two artists.

Gerry Gapinski, an artist born in New York and currently living in Edinburgh, gave a talk on what he is working on at the moment: a graphic novel entitled Three Colours: Black. It is actually a trilogy, each part representing a city: Edinburgh, Glasgow and New York. During his address, he showed us films and pictures of his work. Although his earlier work is not really my cup of tea, I must say that I find his later work admirable. His representations of the city are quite amazing and full of details. Someone to keep an eye on…

The other artist I discovered is Nicholas Royle, a writer from Manchester, who read us one of his short stories. To date, he has published five novels and a collection of short stories, Mortality. There is something nice about being read a story and I really enjoyed the one he read to us. ‘Weird’ is what I would say about it. It also had that typical effect of a good short story: the minute it is over, you want to read it again. I’ll definitely check out his collection.

I also had some time to visit a bit the city of Liverpool and I was agreably surprised. I thought it would be a grey city but I found a vibrant city with a good atmosphere and many beautiful or intriguing buildings.

Here are some photos: