Tower of books in the main branch of Toronto Public Library

I had heard about the privatisation of Toronto Public Library and Kerry @Pickle Me This brought to my attention the petition organised to save it.

You might wonder how this concerns me since I don’t even live in Canada.  You probably already know the answer to this: I always feel concerned by anything connected with Canadian literature.

When I went to Canada last year, I visited a couple of the branches of Toronto Public Library.  I also did some research in their catalogue and they have amazing resources.  I was surprised by the welcome and help I received when I explained my interest in making some photocopies of certain books they hold.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough time, but my intention is to go back next year.  This might not happen…

I also follow what the Toronto Public Library does and they organise many literary events.  It would be such a dramatic loss for the community.

I consequently went to sign the petition.  It is actually a template letter with a box for additional comments, so I was able to explain why a person living in Ireland wants to show her support.  I really hope it can be saved from privatisation.  Imagine the impact this would have on literacy…  If you also feel concerned, follow this link.