The Fourth Canadian Book Challenge (2010), hosted by John Mulford at The Book Mine Set

The challenge begins on the 1st of July (Canada Day) and consists of reading 13 books written by Canadian authors or about Canada before next Canada Day. I could have chosen to do my challenge around an author, Margaret Atwood, but I am hoping my Canadian readings won’t be only related to her. However, I might try to do a double challenge: 13 books on or by Atwood and more including other authors.

  1. Larry’s Party by Carol Shields (1/13)
  2. Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood (2/13) (Atwood 1/13)
  3. Good Bones by Margaret Atwood (3/13) (Atwood 2/13)
  4. The Tent by Margaret Atwood (4/13) (Atwood 3/13)
  5. Strange Things: The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature by Margaret Atwood (5/13) (Atwood 4/13)
  6. The Cousin, by John Calabro (6/13)
  7. Second Words, by Margaret Atwood (7/13) (Atwood 5/13)
  8. Payback, by Margaret Atwood (8/13) (Atwood 6/13)
  9. Harbour View, by Binnie Brennan (9/13)
  10. Negotiating with the Dead, by Margaret Atwood (10/13) (Atwood 7/13)
  11. Escaping from the Prison-House of Language and Digging for Meanings in Texts among Texts: Metafiction and Intertextuality in Margaret Atwood’s Novels Lady Oracle and The Blind Assassin, by Andrea Strolz (11/13) (Atwood 8/13)
  12. The Birth House, by Amy McKay (12/13)
  13. Unhomely States, edited by Cynthia Sugars (13/13)
  14. The Best Laid Plans, by Terry Fallis (14/13)
  15. The  Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood Starting Out, by Rosemary Sullivan (15/13) (Atwood 9/13)
  16. The Disappeared, by Kim Echlin (16/13)
  17. Engendering Genre: The Works of Margaret Atwood, by Reingard M. Nischik: I have decided not to review this book on my blog since I wrote a review on it for the British Journal of Canadian Studies (Spring 2011 issue).
  18. High Spirits, by Robertson Davies (currently reading)
  19. Curious Pursuits, by Margaret Atwood (currently reading)
  20. Margaret Atwood Revisited, by Karen F. Stein (currently reading)

I have decided to add my own little twist to this Canadian challenge. John explains that the reason why he chose a number of 13 books is because there are 13 provinces in Canada and it thus leaves the opportunity to review a book from each. I am quite aware I won’t manage to do the challenge that way. However, I find the idea great and I have decided to follow this principle by reviewing short stories instead. I won’t count them towards the challenge, but I will record them here.

Now, I need ideas! I already have some, but not for every province (I am giving myself a bit of flexibility by allowing the stories to be either set there or written by an author born or having lived there).

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador: “Humanesque”, by Jessica Grant
  2. Nova Scotia: “The Closing Down of Summer”, by Alistair MacLeod; “My Grandfather’s House”, by Charles Ritchie; “The Halifax Explosion, 1917”, by Hugh MacLennan
  3. Prince Edward Island: “Emily’s Husband” by LM Montgomery
  4. New Brunswick: “Foreigners” by Elisabeth Harvor
  5. Quebec: “Scarves, Beads, Sandals” by Mavis Gallant & “North” by Clark Blaise (one of the Montreal Stories)
  6. Ontario: “Walker Brothers Cowboy” by Alice Munro, “Transfigurations” by Janice Kulyk Keefer, three stories from Storm Glass by Jane Urquhart.
  7. Manitoba: ” The Mask of the Bear” by Margaret Laurence & “Flowers for Weddings and Funerals” by Sandra Birdsell
  8. Nunavut: Inuit Legends and Tales
  9. Northwest Territories: “Show Me Yours” by Richard Van Camp
  10. Saskatchewan: “Where Is the Voice Coming from?” by Rudy Wiebe & “The Lamp at Noon” Sinclair Ross
  11. Alberta: “One Good Story, That One” by Thomas King and “The Chmarnyk” by Caroline Addison
  12. British Columbia: “Bear Country” by Audrey Thomas
  13. Yukon Territory: “Vegas Wedding” by Ivan Coyote