So many things have happened since I last wrote on this blog. There have been some tough times, there have been some happy ones. And there has been a huge life change when with a couple of people I co-founded a cat welfare organisation called Community Cats Network. It literally took over my life and because of it, this blog got forgotten about… Not exactly forgotten about as I often think about it and I miss it. I also miss the blogging community and visiting blogs. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for this anymore.

Since the inception of Community Cats Network, I’ve always wanted to organise a fundraising Readathon in order to merge two of my passions. This idea has finally seen the light. I should of course have posted about it a long time ago, but as always, it was difficult to find the time…banner3

If you have a bit of free time this weekend, go and check out the event. You can still join it as late registrations are accepted (eh, it’s for a good cause after all!).

Next year, I’ll definitely be more organised and give you a bit of notice!