As we all know, energy waste is not good for the environment.  Every year, events like “Earth Hour” (see my posts here and here) try to sensibilise people to this issue and the little changes they can make in their daily life.  The obvious thing is to turn off the light if you’re not in a room.  I’m sure that an increasing number of people try to do these little things.  I believe they do add up and that it makes a difference.  However, imagine the difference it would make if businesses and shops were to do the same thing.  The corner shop in the village I live in has its outside light on all night.  What’s the point of this?  Attracting attention?  Not many cars pass by at night, it’s pointless and a total waste of energy. 

That’s one thing I don’t understand: why in these days and ages there is no governmental regulation about this?  If you leave the light on in the shop when it is closed, you get fined.  I agree, it is a bit totalitarian but at least it would make a difference!

Anyway, I’m off to write to my corner shop and tell them what I think!